A Synopsis of Inem in Spain

Spain is one of the developed countries in the southern Europe situated in the east of Portugal. Virtually, every year, people usually migrate to Spain either for tourist or to reside as permanent resident. Before the economic meltdown in 2008 which affected virtually every parts of the word, Spain was known as the country which highest job opportunity. But, after the economic recession, most people in Spain were retrenched from their jobs while the unemployed were not able to get job to the extent that in every four Spaniard only one person will have regular work. So, to help the citizens and foreigners in Spain prepare themselves for their career, the Government of Spain now instituted inem which is an acronym for national institute of employment.


Obviously, the National Institute of Employment office is the office where an unemployed can look for work, enroll for cursos inem and also obtain unemployed benefit at the end of the month. You need not to start any work in Spain without first of all enrolling in the course as the courses will help to prepare you to be better in your chosen career.

However, you need not to enroll for cursos inem without first of all checking for the course that will help you in your chosen career. In that regard, it often advised for jobseekers to ensure that they seek advice from their fellow professionals as regard the suitable course they need to enroll on in the National Institute of Employment courses.

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