Symptoms of the Ulcerative Colitis

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis colitis is a chronic disease which causes inflammation in the colon. For those who do not know What is the colon, it can be described as the large intestine of human body. It can also be referred as an inflammatory bowel disease which is related to disorder. The colon removes nutrients of undigested foods along with getting rid of waste products from the anus and rectum when feces (stool) are passed.


Symptoms of the Ulcerative Colitis

There are some common symptoms of the ulcerative colitis that include:

Rectal bleeding. The affected person might suffer from bloody diarrhea or mucus. Rectal pain is another symptom which may lead to the need of emptying the bowels.

Constipation. This symptom of the What is Ulcerative Colitis depends upon on which part of colon is suffering from the disease. Diarrhea is more common than constipation.

Weight loss. Diarrhea and other similar symptoms might cause weight loss.

Rectal urgency or diarrhea. The affected person might suffer from diarrhea for about 10 – 20 times every day. The need to clear bowels may also wake you up at night.

Cramping or belly pain is another symptom, of ulcerative What is the colon. Moreover, he belly will appear to be sore when it is being touched.

Fever. In most of the cases the body may tend to develop fever or any other such symptom.

Loss of appetite.

Anemia or red blood cells are reduced considerably. This might be the result of low iron levels caused by inflamed intestines or bloody stools.


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