Gifts for Mother’s Day: Proposals for less than 100 euros

If someone deserves a gift, it’s your mother. A detail, for a day. For those that she has done everything to you ; from taking you to the park to the tupper with your favorite food , for approaching a party and picking up a hangover, for teaching you the multiplication tables or how to change a diaper to your own offsprings.

May 6 is the day of all of them. This year it falls after a bridge but at the beginning of the month, so you know: stretch out, take it out to eat and give her the gift that delights her


Jade facial massager

This curious gossip has become one of the beauty gadgets of the season, according to experts, who say that it has crept into the beauty routine of many people because it helps eliminate toxins and prepare the skin for subsequent products. Also, relax and calm. A good idea is to keep it in the fridge from one day to the next, because fresh works better.


Four leaf clover planting kit

Do not wish him luck: give it to him. This planting kit is very simple: it contains a small pot, substrate and seeds, as well as instructions. Besides clovers there are other options to grow carnivorous plants, cactus, sunflowers, strawberries, birds of paradise and even aromatic chocolate. She will only have to put water (and love).


Tickets for the musical ‘Billy Elliot’ in Madrid

Madrid has become the Spanish capital of the musical. In fact, the city is already the fourth in the world in which this theatrical genre moves more money, about 250 million euros a year, just behind New York, London and Hamburg. It has been in the El León Lion for eight years, a safe bet for anyone who has not yet tasted Simba and Mufasa on stage. But the revelation of this year is Billy Elliot, the story of the boy who wants to dance above all else.


XiaoMi activity bracelet

This from XiaoMi is among the best valued bracelets on Amazon, with almost 1,100 positive opinions. It measures the steps, the heart rate and the quality (and quantity) of the dream, as well as being resistant to water and sending notifications to the phone. Oh! And give the time, just in case. Of the most complete and best price on the market, it is charged approximately every 20 days. The original comes in black, but if you want to round the gift you can choose a strap in pink gold , gold or silver .


Good night tales for rebellious girls: 100 stories of extraordinary women

No, she is not a girl anymore, but she will love reading the stories of those little girls who became great women (like her). A beautifully illustrated book that briefly narrates the lives of Marie Curie, Coco Chanel, the Bronte sisters, Yoko Ono, Cleopatra or Maria Callas. For those who are left wanting there is already a second part.


Cushion to read in bed

That extra time in bed or that Sunday morning reading or having breakfast in it is something that every mother deserves. The main issue is time, yes, but that is more difficult to give away. Hence, a cushion can come to improve that moment of enjoyment and quality. This rests on the headboard and allows remaining comfortably seated. It is removable thanks to its zipper and there are five sizes and many other colors.


Black polka dot dress

Polka dots are the stamp of the season, and they are everywhere. We do not know if the fault is with Julia Roberts and her revival of Pretty Woman, but the fact is that no one removes them from the map. This one from La Redoute also fits the kimono silhouette, another hit of the season. In addition, it has a 40% discount and a variety of sizes, from S to XXL. If it is not fashionable, it will not be for you.


Kiehl’s Night Serum

It is one of the best-selling night serums in Spain, and the most acclaimed and best-selling product of this New York brand with pharmacy formulas: every minute one is sold. With natural ingredients and without parabens, its gentle smell of lavender induces sleep while repairing the face during the night without being anything fatty. Only a couple of drops are needed, so it lasts for months. For the most fans, it also has a much appreciated version for the day, and they have created a special pack for Mother’s Day with cleansing oil, a mask and an eye contour.


‘Pack’ of six organic wines

Since he always invites you to eat, at least give him the wine. If having a good bottle by hand is always essential, having half a dozen is even better. This selection made by EL PAÍS Club de VInos includes six organic wines, both white and red, from Spanish Designations of Origin such as Alicante, Castilla-La Mancha or Utiel Requena. In addition, they go down from 54.80 euros to 46.05.

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