Feng Shui and Site Selection

Classical Feng Shui is about living in harmony with the environment. By living in harmony with the environment, people are able to harness the beneficial energies or chi in the environment, to better their lives. It encompasses the human experience, which includes wealth, health and relationships. Through hundreds of years of observation, the Chinese discovered dwellings (homes or businesses) that were beneficial to occupants. In doing this research they also discovered wofs astrological weight at birth, edifices that were destructive and harmful to occupants, making life difficult and in some cases impossible. The Chinese figured out which homes and businesses based on, how it was situated in the environment, the facing direction of the building, the move-in date and the occupant’s birth date would be beneficial and which would be destructive. The Chinese believe that 1/3 of our luck comes from heaven, that which we are born with or predestined, 1/3 of our luck comes from man, by working hard or having good acumen and 1/3 through the earth, which is Feng Shui. Some masters believe that really great Feng Shui will improve your life by 2/3. I tend to agree.

A common misconception is that professionals in this field use bamboo flutes, paint walls different colors, use mirrors, frogs, coins, and crystals to shift the energy in a home or business. This is false. Chachkis are not powerful enough to shift the energy in a home or business. Much of what is read online, in books, or seen on TV about Feng Shui is Western Feng Shui and it is bogus. This is not how it’s used to secure and enhance wealth, improve health and attract or maintain a relationship.

The best way to implement Feng Shui is to begin the process from the ground up. If you have a raw piece of land, this is the best time to implement Feng Shui. Everything from the facing of the building, to the placement of toilets, stoves, kitchens, bedrooms, laundry rooms, offices, can be customized for the person dwelling in the space to ensure that money, relationships and health thrive. There are special degrees known as Precious Jewel Lines that can be used to set the foundation, doors, stoves, beds, offices, etc. that will bring precious and beautiful things to the occupants. There are special wealth formulas like Five Ghosts Carry Treasure, which can be implemented by tapping a mountain in the environment and placing water in a specific location based on the facing direction of the doors to bring great wealth to the occupants. Many formulas can be created by utilizing the external features of the house or business and setting the driveways, water features, ponds, sidewalks, etc. to special degrees that can speed up good Feng Shui to produce faster results and to create great wealth and harmony.

Donald Trump utilizes these special techniques in all his buildings. Richard Branson, the Virgin mogul, also uses Classical Feng Shui to enhance his wealth. Steve Wynn, the hotel magnet billionaire, in Las Vegas utilizes these wealth producing techniques popular in Southeast Asia, but unknown to many Westerners. Chase Manhattan and Wells Fargo Banks also utilize these methods to increase and secure their wealth. A lot of companies like Disney use these techniques but don’t advertise it because it gives them a competitive advantage.

If building a home or business from the ground up is not feasible, the best alternative is to consult a consultant before you move-in to a home or office. By consulting a professional beforehand, this ensures that the home or office will support the occupants in all aspects of wealth, health and relationships. It is much easier to pick a good home or business for a person than it is to fix a home or business that has posed nothing but challenges for the individual.

If you are not looking for a new home or business, I would recommend consulting a professional to ensure that your existing space is well placed inside and out to secure and enhance wealth, to protect and improve relationships and to boost and increase good health. It can always be used to turn a situation around, prevent a negative situation from occurring, and strengthen a positive situation.

Feng Shui can be implemented as early as the raw land phase, in the renovation phase, when finding a new home or business or in an existing space. It can be employed in countless ways to help improve the lives of individuals. In ancient China, it was reserved for royalty and the very rich because of its powerful influences on the human experience. It wasn’t until Master Yang, the savior of the poor, that it was introduced to the general public. Today, many are aware of Feng Shui, but few know of “real” Feng Shui, secrets that the movers and shakers and the truly rich use.

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