Personalized treatment in cancer

Cancer is a global health problem that occurs in all ages, although it is more frequent in adults. Each year 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer and 7.6 million die from this disease whose origin is the combination of genetic factors and the environment Medical Syndromes.

The DNA that forms the human genome is made up of 3,200 million units of which there are four types Adenine (A), Guanine (G), Thymine (T) and Cytosine (C). The paragraphs or genes of this long chain contain the information for each of the functions carried out by the cells and the organism as a whole. The tissues formed by cells have structure and specific functions that contribute to the functioning of the human body. Thus, when the cells of a tissue are under the control of a healthy DNA, the tissues keep their natural anatomy. However, when DNA accumulates errors in its reading, the functions of a tissue are lost, as well as its structure, giving rise to tumors.

Humans share 99.9% of the sequence of the human genome. However, there are several million letters dotted along the chain that can vary generating the diversity of the species. Changes in the DNA sequence are known as mutations and could be equated to misspellings in a text. There are mutations that confer predisposition to cancer. For example, some mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes confer predisposition to breast cancer. Thus, when these or other mutations accumulate and combine with certain stimuli from the environment, the risk of suffering from this disease increases. Therefore, in some populations where these mutations are found more frequently, as in the Ashkenazi population, these tests are used to detect women at risk of breast cancer,

Some variations in DNA define how a cancer patient will respond to treatment. This is the case of the response to 6-Mercaptopurine (Purinetol), a drug that is used with great efficacy in the treatment of children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). However, approximately one in every 300 patients develops an adverse response to the medication, putting their lives at risk. Four variations of a single letter in the TMPT gene are currently known, the combination of which allows identifying the child who will have the potentially fatal response. This test is done routinely in patients with ALL in industrialized countries.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has published a list of about 30 anti-cancer drugs whose effects are determined by variations in DNA. Consequently, it requires including in the medicine box the information on DNA studies that are recommended to decide the use and dose of these drugs in each patient.

Although cancer treatments are increasingly effective, it is not uncommon for two apparently identical tumors, even under a microscope, to respond differently to the same treatment. This is largely because mutations in the DNA of tumors are different. For this reason, knowing the DNA of tumors and the way in which their genes “turn on” and “off” is increasingly useful in order to achieve more effective treatments. For example, in patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, the presence of the so-called Philadelphia Chromosome generated by an anomalous connection between two genes is routinely sought. When present, treatment with Imatinib (Gleevec) is very effective. In breast and stomach cancer, when the cells contain large amounts of the HER2 gene product, Trastuzumab (Herceptin) is an appropriate option because it binds selectively to HER2 inhibiting the proliferation of these cells. Similarly, the use of Erlotinib (Tarceva) has been recommended for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancers, pancreatic cancers and other tissues when its EGFR gene is expressed at levels above normal, or contains mutations. On the other hand, thyroid, colon and melanoma tumors that contain the V600 mutation in their BRAF gene generate a protein that stimulates the growth and reproduction of malignant cells. The detection of this mutation invites us to consider Vemurafenib (Zelboraf) in the treatment. The use of Erlotinib (Tarceva) has been recommended for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancers, pancreatic cancers and other tissues when its EGFR gene is expressed at levels above normal, or contains mutations. On the other hand, thyroid, colon and melanoma tumors that contain the V600 mutation in their BRAF gene generate a protein that stimulates the growth and reproduction of malignant cells. The detection of this mutation invites us to consider Vemurafenib (Zelboraf) in the treatment. The use of Erlotinib (Tarceva) has been recommended for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancers, pancreatic cancers and other tissues when its EGFR gene is expressed at levels above normal, or contains mutations. On the other hand, thyroid, colon and melanoma tumors that contain the V600 mutation in their BRAF gene, generate a protein that stimulates the growth and reproduction of malignant cells. The detection of this mutation invites us to consider Vemurafenib (Zelboraf) in the treatment. They generate a protein that stimulates the growth and reproduction of malignant cells. The detection of this mutation invites us to consider Vemurafenib (Zelboraf) in the treatment. they generate a protein that stimulates the growth and reproduction of malignant cells. The detection of this mutation invites us to consider Vemurafenib (Zelboraf) in the treatment.

The detection of these useful biomarkers in the treatment of cancer is an initial sample of the great power that innovation has around the human genome to improve health care.

5 tips that will help you take care of the health and appearance of your feet

Often we do not pay much attention to the care of our feet, but we should do it! Our poor feet get tired and suffer from the use of uncomfortable shoes and this constant discomfort can lead to serious health problems (remedios caseiro unha encravada inflamada).

Not to mention the fact that beautiful, trimmed feet will make us feel more secure.

“Just invest 30 minutes in a proper pedicure made by yourself, is one of the most transformative beauty treatments there can be,” says Margaret Dabbs, the expert on foot health.

So, here are 5 useful tips so you can take care of your feet and nails:

  1. Your feet must be dry

Wet feet are vulnerable to fungi and bacteria.

  1. Cut your toenails correctly

The toenails should be trimmed straight. Try not to bend the corners. And do not cut too much.

  1. Give your feet a warm bath

Use this recipe to prepare a bath for your feet. Immerse them for 20 minutes, twice a week and the skin of your feet will be soft and healthy.

  1. Use moisturizers

Use creams with petrolatum or lanolin, but remember not to apply it in the area between the toes, as it could cause fungus.

  1. Massage your feet as often as possible

Massaging your feet will improve the health of your entire body. There are many ways to do it: you can buy a special massaging device or use a tennis ball. Just choose the best alternative for you!

Medical Definition of CPAP

CPAP machine: Continuous positive airway pressure. CPAP is an effective treatment for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.

Patients with obstructive sleep apnea treated with CPAP wear a face mask during sleep which is connected to a pump (CPAP machine) that forces air into the nasal passages at pressures high enough to overcome obstructions in the airway and stimulate normal breathing. The airway pressure delivered into the upper airway is continuous during both inspiration and expiration.

Nasal CPAP is currently the preferred treatment for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP is safe and effective, even in children. Daytime sleepiness improves or resolves. Heart function and hypertension also improve. And, importantly, the quality of life improves.

buy cpap machine At first, CPAP patients should be monitored in a sleep lab to determine the appropriate amount of air pressure for them. The first few nights on CPAP tend to be difficult, with patients experiencing less sleep. Many patients at first find the mask uncomfortable, claustrophobic or embarrassing. CPAP is not a cure and must be used every night for life. Non-compliant patients experience a full return of obstructive sleep apnea and related symptoms.

Essential Things to be confirmed prior to Use the Alpha Fuel XT

It seems very easy to search, find and select the best health supplements, but it is one of the most challenging jobs. Anyways, whenever you come to know the unsatisfactory production of testosterone in your body, then it will warn you because it is completely an alarming situation. You should never take it easy as it may affect your reproductive system and sexual organs directly as well as badly. That is why; the doctors suggest the men to take serious, effective and useful steps when they have problems in production of testosterone. If you are impressed by the Alpha fuel XT, then you should start the regular intake of this supplement, but after consulting your doctor. Further, there are several integral factors and things which you must make sure prior to start using this powerful supplement for testosterone boosting.

First of all, you must go through the definition and medical explanation of this supplement to be familiar with what this product is. Secondly, you should make sure its originality, usefulness and effectiveness on the human body. In the next, you must go through the ingredients and review of Alpha fuel XT before to choose it for the personal use. In fact, all the ingredients used in the production of this supplement are organic and toxin free. Further, you should look at the formula, ratio or amount of each ingredient and how it works. These are the most compulsory factors for the users to make sure prior to start taking this supplement. It is also important for you to verify its medical status in the health industry and actual manufacturer. Finally, you must go through the feedbacks left by the doctors and users about this supplement.

Utilize Real Fat Burner Reviews to Recognize Best Options

Fat burner is simply a product or a solution which helps the users to burn extra calories in the body. Remember, there are two types of calories present in your body. The first type is considered temporary and it burned while daily operations. However, the second type is considered permanent once it is stored in the body and used for nothing. Which one sounds more dangerous? Definitely, the second situation is more dangerous because it surrounds the body organs, slowing down the blood circulation and lowering the blood pressure.

What we suggest?

Using a fat burner is a perfect approach. It has gained much attention that’s why lots of fat burner reviews have been generated by the experts. These reviews are highly useful to deliver valuable information about the product, its formulation and mode of action. The users can also learn about the best ways to utilize the fat burner. Follow the instructions to recognize the best formula.

  • Consultation with your physician.
  • Detail discussion with fitness experts.
  • General preference to natural products.
  • Recognizing best approaches to utilize the fat burner.
  • Strict monitoring and data recording.

Be consistent for ideal results:

Fat development is so simple but removal is difficult. You will need to remove it from roots in order to get an attractive body back. Fat burners will definitely speed up the burning process but there is no guarantee about muscle strengthening. Users are suggested to focus on proper physical exercises, diets and other routines.

Why Protein Supplements Are Mandatory For Wellness?

For building muscles mass proteins intake is mandatory. It is to be ensured that the body must get the required amount of the proteins. To have these proteins in precisely calculated amount, there is nothing more suitable than having the supplements. These substances are basically formulated to provide the ideal amount of proteins right after the workout. There is an aid that can be provided with the help of supplements. These formulations are considered as one of the top sources of quality proteins. It is a fact the quality can have a definite influence on the end results. Our Top 10 Protein Supplements offer general wellness to its consumers other than the mentioned benefits. These sources are quite useful for long term use because they have the capacity to deliver the required results.

Treating deficiencies and revitalizing impact

In a broader domain, Protein Supplements are quite effective in treating the deficiencies as well. It can be considered as an additional benefit that these substances can offer. Our Top 10 Protein Supplements are also enriched with:

    • Essential Fatty Acids
    • vitamins


  • minerals


The presence of above ingredients makes protein sources useful for multiple age groups. There are various co-factors that can actively play an important role in making a supplement more useful. Our recommended supplements are helpful in treating various deficiencies like the loss of muscular strength and weakening of bones. Immunity system can also be enhanced with precise use. Last but not the least our recommended products can revitalize human body within days of regular use.


Features of Nootropics Male Enhancement Supplements

As a man ages, level of testosterone hormone will reduce slowly. The signs of low level of testosterone appear after the age of 35. The most important signs include lowered stamina, reduced muscle mass, depression, lower energy level and weight gain. Some people also suffer from insomnia in such conditions. The most damaging and alarming sign of low testosterone is a reduced libido. When you face such signs in your body, you must call your doctor. It is a time to stimulate the level of testosterone hormone in your body. You can acquire this goal in several ways like intake of supplements, testosterone boosters and balanced diet. Today you can come across to wide range of supplements and products in the market. Such supplements work to enhance the level of testosterone in human body. Nootropics Male Enhancement Supplements are most famous because they deliver immediate results. These supplements are widely available in the market to choose from.

Not all testosterone boosters’ work well instead you will need to select a right supplement. When you begin the consumption of testosterone boosters, you will observe increased muscle strength and reduced body fat. The fats accumulated in the abdominal area will start to lose gradually. You will also observe improvement in mental and physical performance. The level of cholesterol will reduce with the passage of time. In order to meet all such benefits, it is vital to select a right male enhancement supplement. You can seek advice and recommendation from your doctor about it.

Three Easy Ways to Pick Best Nootropic Supplements

Nootropic supplements have become eye-catching opportunity for everyone. It is said that these supplements are associated to brain improvement. Is it true? Well, this category of supplements has been made to achieve the best brain status by improving the nutrient supply and hormone boost up. It has been noticed that lots of people are using these supplements in order to achieve the said targets. How to pick the best nootropics? This is not simple because of huge competition in the markets.

Learn about manufacturers:

In order to find a distinctive point, it is necessary to learn about the supplement manufacturers. Who is producing the best nootropics in the industry? This would be time consuming and hectic but it can be done using information about producers. Visit the health agency sites and find registered manufacturers with certified products.

Study yourself:

It sounds very simple to visit a few websites, libraries and journals to find information about nootropics. This method is only useful for the people who have a background in this field. In fact, it consumes time and energy to find the basic things.

Learn from reviews:

This is third most effective method which shortens the search. Actually, it brings useful information about products certified and approved by responsible health authorities in the country. It would be better to consider both expert’s opinions and user’s experience when reading reviews. The first section discusses details about manufacturing, ingredients and other technical aspects. Second section enables the buyers to see what previous users have experienced.


Factors to be Considered When Buying the Best Fat Burning Supplement

It has been the foremost desire of the people to choose the best for them. Similarly, whenever the people throughout the world need to use some fat burners, then they always demand for the best pills that work according to their desires and expectations. In these days, it has become a bit challenging job for you to search, find and buy the best fat burning supplement because there are thousands of top fat burners. No one can easily find and purchase the bets supplement because he/she will experience a number of issues. However, there are specific factors and things which you must consider consciously when going to buy a fat burning supplement with best ingredient, quality and excellent results. For this, you must choose a competitive market regardless and online or a formal drug store.

After this, you should enlist the top brands of the world that are making weight loss and fat burning supplements for a long time. Here, you should be patient and enlist the most experienced, reliable and trusted companies along with their award winning fat burners. Further, you should read a bit about all these supplements and compare their features. Now, you will get some good ideas about the best fat burning supplement which you should prefer to buy. In addition, the buyers must focus on formula, ingredients, effectiveness, efficiency rate, reliability, health benefits, side effects and possible results. All these things will make you sure about certain features, performance and expected outcomes of the best fat burner. Finally, you should return your doctor once again to confirm the originality of purchased fat burners.