3 sophrology exercises to boost libido

Stress, lack of time, tiredness Our daily life often puts our libido to the test. If this decline is very common and normal in women at some point in their lives, solutions can be put in place to take time for them and re-boost their sexual energy.

Exercise 1: Learn to take a break

Calm, sitting or lying, we take the time to relax his body step by step from the head to the toes. So, we take time for ourselves and we try to listen to his body.

Then, to free oneself from the tensions linked to the stress of his day, we inspire, we block the air by contracting the body testosterone boosting foods, and we blow very hard (to repeat 3 times). It is here to free ourselves from everything that weighs us corporally or mentally.

Finally, we choose to visualize a pleasant moment related to its sensuality, its femininity and the positive feeling it generates.

Exercise 2: Reclaiming your body

Applying moisturizer after shower is the perfect time for this exercise. We will avoid the judgment of the mirror and we will simply take the time to touch his body from head to toe, massage, and appreciate the curves and shapes. The interest is to learn to touch oneself in consciousness, and to rediscover the parts of one’s body that one appreciates. And why not think of highlighting them with day or night clothes?

By taking this time of relaxation in everyday life, we also release tension, we live the moment and we regain confidence in his body!

Exercise 3: Awaken your sexual energy

Here we can resume the first exercise, but this time, we plunge into a memory after a pleasant report. We let our 5 senses help us to plunge into this memory, to better delight us. We can then relive the state that we knew emotionally and corporally. Then, we can use memories or fantasies to imagine what could bring us today to this state of happiness, pleasure. And so wake up our sexual energy that lies dormant in each of us! To conclude, it is important to indicate that these exercises are not intended to introduce the sexual act, they are advised to be carried out without pressure or judgment.

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